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More Infos about the W.A.N.T.E.D - Do Whatever you want Game Coming Soon. (Work Title can be changed)

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Hey, We are GamePyro and I create games! We are 1 Dev / Designer / Multitalent :) and 2 small designers that help a bit.

I am making Games / Software for more then 8 years now an I thought sharing some of the stuff I learned along the way would be a good way to make sure I can create more Games in the future and also give you a place to learn something new.

This Patreon will focus mostly on our Games and prototypes of them.
But prepare yourself for awesome Devlogs, Asset Store assets and unity plugin reviews, and tips regarding presentation style to get your game noticed out there. 

Discord Server access etc.

You also support all my other Game creations with this Patreon like W.A.N.T.E.D - Do Whatever you want, UFight, The Dead Walking and more.

I try to Hand out early prototype version of my Games once i think they are in a presentable stage. Please beware, my Prototypes are very rough and have mostly no gameplay goal at all.